Jade Restaurant Anchorage Alaska

Jade Restaurant Anchorage Alaska

Are you searching for an exquisite dining experience in Anchorage, Alaska? Look no further than the vibrant and sophisticated Jade Restaurant. Nestled within this bustling city, Jade Restaurant offers a unique fusion of flavors, blending traditional Alaska cuisine with an innovative twist. Step into the contemporary ambiance, adorned with stylish decor, and allow yourself to be transported on a culinary journey like no other. With its extensive menu featuring a wide array of delectable dishes, Jade Restaurant is poised to delight even the most discerning palate. Embark on a culinary adventure and immerse yourself in the culinary delights that await at Jade Restaurant Anchorage Alaska.

Overview of Jade Restaurant

Jade Restaurant is a premier dining establishment located in Anchorage, Alaska. Offering a unique fusion of Asian flavors with a focus on Chinese cuisine, Jade Restaurant has established itself as a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. The restaurant is well-known for its impeccable service, elegant d├ęcor, and delectable dishes that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Cuisine and Specialties

Jade Restaurant specializes in Chinese cuisine with a modern twist. The menu showcases a diverse range of dishes, including traditional favorites and unique fusion creations. From crispy Peking duck to mouthwatering Mongolian beef, each dish is expertly crafted using the finest and freshest ingredients to ensure a memorable dining experience.

Ambience and Decor

The ambience and decor of Jade Restaurant offer an elegant and inviting atmosphere that is ideal for both casual outings and special occasions. The interior is tastefully decorated with a modern Asian aesthetic, featuring warm lighting, contemporary furnishings, and intricate artwork. Whether enjoying a romantic dinner for two or gathering with friends and family, the ambiance of Jade Restaurant sets the perfect stage for any dining experience.

History and Reputation

Jade Restaurant has a rich history in Anchorage, Alaska. Established in 2005, the restaurant has since garnered a stellar reputation for its exceptional cuisine and top-notch service. Over the years, Jade Restaurant has become a beloved institution in the Anchorage community, consistently exceeding customer expectations and earning rave reviews. With a commitment to excellence, Jade Restaurant continues to uphold its reputation as one of the city’s finest dining establishments.



Start your culinary journey at Jade Restaurant with an array of delectable appetizers. From traditional potstickers and shrimp spring rolls to innovative dishes like crab Rangoon and sesame chicken wings, the appetizer menu offers something for everyone. Each dish is crafted with care, showcasing the finest ingredients and authentic flavors.

Soups and Salads

For a lighter option, Jade Restaurant offers a selection of flavorful soups and salads. From classic hot and sour soup to refreshing sesame chicken salad, these dishes provide the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. Whether you’re in the mood for a comforting bowl of wonton soup or a refreshing Asian-inspired salad, the soups and salads at Jade Restaurant are sure to please.

Main Courses

The main course selection at Jade Restaurant is a culinary delight, offering a wide range of options to satisfy every palate. From classic Chinese favorites like kung pao chicken and sweet and sour pork to seafood dishes like honey walnut shrimp and Szechuan-style fish, each main course is expertly prepared with the freshest ingredients and authentic spices.

Specialty Dishes

Jade Restaurant is known for its specialty dishes, which showcase the creativity and culinary mastery of the chefs. These dishes incorporate unique flavor combinations and innovative cooking techniques, resulting in unforgettable taste experiences. From the Alaskan sushi roll, which combines fresh local ingredients with Japanese sushi techniques, to the Beijing roast duck, which is succulent and flavorful, the specialty dishes at Jade Restaurant are not to be missed.


Finish off your dining experience at Jade Restaurant with a delightful dessert. The dessert menu features a variety of sweet treats, including traditional favorites like sesame balls and almond cookies, as well as creative fusion desserts like green tea tiramisu and mango mousse cake. Indulge your sweet tooth and savor the perfect ending to your meal.

Signature Dishes

Jade Restaurant is proud to offer a selection of signature dishes that have become favorites among its patrons. These dishes epitomize the restaurant’s commitment to excellence and showcase the finest flavors and techniques.

Alaskan Sushi Roll

The Alaskan sushi roll is a unique creation that combines the freshest Alaskan seafood with the artistry of Japanese sushi-making. This signature dish features a delicate blend of king crab, salmon, and avocado, wrapped in a light soy paper and served with a tangy wasabi aioli. The Alaskan sushi roll is a true testament to the restaurant’s dedication to quality and innovation.

Beijing Roast Duck

The Beijing roast duck is a classic Chinese dish that is synonymous with culinary excellence. At Jade Restaurant, this dish is prepared with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in tender, succulent meat and perfectly crispy skin. Served with traditional accompaniments such as steamed pancakes, scallions, and hoisin sauce, the Beijing roast duck is a must-try for any connoisseur of Chinese cuisine.

Mongolian Beef

For those craving bold flavors and hearty portions, the Mongolian beef is a standout dish at Jade Restaurant. Tender slices of beef are marinated in a rich, savory sauce and stir-fried with bell peppers and onions to create a dish that is both aromatic and satisfying. The marriage of tender beef and vibrant vegetables makes this dish a favorite among meat lovers.

Hong Kong Style Dim Sum

Jade Restaurant takes pride in its authentic dim sum, a popular style of Chinese cuisine that consists of small, bite-sized portions served in bamboo steamers. From steamed dumplings filled with a variety of savory fillings to sumptuous shrimp siu mai and crispy spring rolls, the dim sum offerings at Jade Restaurant are a true delight for the senses.

Jade Special Fried Rice

No Chinese meal is complete without a serving of fried rice, and the Jade Special Fried Rice is a star of the menu. This flavorful dish combines fragrant jasmine rice with a medley of fresh vegetables, succulent shrimp, and savory char siu (barbecued pork). Each grain of rice is perfectly seasoned and stir-fried to achieve a delightful balance of flavors.

Dining Experience


Whether you are taking a break from work or meeting friends for a midday meal, Jade Restaurant’s lunch offerings provide a satisfying and convenient dining experience. The lunch menu features a variety of options, including set meals, rice and noodle dishes, and chef’s specials. Guests can choose from a selection of appetizers and main courses, ensuring a well-rounded meal that caters to individual preferences.


Dinner at Jade Restaurant is an experience to savor. The dinner menu offers an extensive selection of appetizers, soups, main courses, and desserts, all crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. From intimate dinners for two to group celebrations, Jade Restaurant provides an elegant setting and delectable cuisine that is perfect for any evening occasion.

Take-out and Delivery

For those who prefer to enjoy Jade Restaurant’s cuisine in the comfort of their own homes, take-out and delivery options are available. Guests can place their orders by phone or online, choosing from a wide range of menu items to create a customized meal. The restaurant’s efficient and friendly staff ensures that take-out and delivery orders are ready on time and packed with care.

Catering Services

Jade Restaurant offers professional catering services for a variety of events and occasions. Whether you are hosting a corporate luncheon, a birthday party, or a wedding reception, the restaurant’s experienced team will work closely with you to create a customized menu that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, Jade Restaurant’s catering services are designed to make any occasion memorable.

Private Dining Options

For those seeking a more exclusive dining experience, Jade Restaurant provides private dining options. These secluded spaces offer a quiet and intimate setting for special events or business meetings. With attentive service and a customized menu, private dining at Jade Restaurant ensures a memorable and personalized experience.

Happy Hour and Special Offers

Happy Hour Deals

Jade Restaurant offers enticing happy hour deals that are perfect for unwinding after a long day or meeting up with friends. During happy hour, guests can enjoy discounted prices on select drinks, as well as a variety of appetizers to complement their beverages. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff make happy hour at Jade Restaurant a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Daily Specials

In addition to its regular menu, Jade Restaurant features daily specials that highlight seasonal ingredients and innovative flavor combinations. From chef’s specials to market-fresh seafood dishes, these daily offerings provide guests with an opportunity to try something new and exciting. Whether you’re a regular patron or a first-time visitor, the daily specials at Jade Restaurant are sure to pique your interest and tantalize your taste buds.

Family Packages

Jade Restaurant understands the importance of family and offers special packages designed to cater to families of all sizes. These packages include a variety of dishes that are suitable for sharing, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to treat your loved ones to a delicious meal, the family packages at Jade Restaurant provide a convenient and affordable solution.

Event and Party Packages

Planning a special celebration or gathering? Jade Restaurant offers event and party packages that take the stress out of hosting. These packages include a selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts, all tailored to the specific requirements of your event. With expert coordination and attention to detail, Jade Restaurant ensures that your event is a success, allowing you to relax and enjoy the festivities.

Discounts and Coupons

To show appreciation for its loyal customers, Jade Restaurant offers discounts and coupons that provide great value for dining experiences. These promotions can be found through various channels, including the restaurant’s website and social media profiles. By taking advantage of these discounts and coupons, guests can enjoy their favorite dishes at a reduced price while still indulging in the exceptional cuisine and service that Jade Restaurant is known for.

Customer Reviews

Online Reviews and Ratings

Jade Restaurant has received numerous positive online reviews and high ratings from satisfied customers. Platforms such as Yelp, Google Reviews, and TripAdvisor showcase the restaurant’s stellar reputation and highlight the exceptional dining experiences enjoyed by patrons. Guests consistently praise the quality of the food, the professionalism of the staff, and the inviting atmosphere of the establishment.

Testimonials from Patrons

Many patrons have written glowing testimonials about their experiences at Jade Restaurant. These testimonials often mention the exceptional quality of the cuisine, the attentive service, and the overall ambiance of the restaurant. Guests frequently recount memorable moments and express their gratitude for the outstanding dining experiences they have had at Jade Restaurant.

Feedback on Service and Staff

Customers consistently commend Jade Restaurant’s service and staff for their attentiveness, knowledge, and professionalism. The staff members are described as friendly, accommodating, and attentive, going above and beyond to ensure that each guest feels welcomed and well taken care of. The dedication of the staff to deliver exceptional service contributes greatly to the overall dining experience at Jade Restaurant.

Reviews on Food Quality

One common theme in customer reviews is the outstanding quality of the food served at Jade Restaurant. Guests rave about the freshness of the ingredients, the artful presentation of the dishes, and the vibrant flavors that transport them to the heart of Asia. The skilled chefs at Jade Restaurant consistently deliver mouthwatering dishes that meet and exceed expectations.

Overall Customer Experience

The overall customer experience at Jade Restaurant is consistently described as memorable, delightful, and worthy of recommendation. Customers appreciate the attention to detail, the warm and inviting atmosphere, and the exceptional quality of both the food and the service. Whether celebrating a special occasion, hosting a business meeting, or simply enjoying a night out, guests leave Jade Restaurant feeling satisfied and eager to return.

Sustainability Initiatives

Local Sourcing of Ingredients

Jade Restaurant is committed to supporting local farmers and producers by sourcing fresh, high-quality ingredients from the surrounding area whenever possible. By prioritizing locally sourced ingredients, the restaurant not only ensures the freshest flavors but also contributes to the sustainability of the community and reduces its carbon footprint.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

In an effort to minimize its environmental impact, Jade Restaurant has implemented a range of environmentally friendly practices. These practices include energy-efficient lighting and appliances, water-saving measures, and the use of eco-friendly cleaning products. By incorporating these sustainable practices into its operations, Jade Restaurant demonstrates its commitment to protecting the environment.

Waste Reduction and Recycling Efforts

Jade Restaurant takes pride in its waste reduction and recycling efforts. The restaurant has implemented comprehensive recycling programs that encompass paper, plastic, glass, and organic waste. By actively separating and recycling materials, Jade Restaurant minimizes its contribution to landfill waste and promotes a greener future.

Community Involvement

Jade Restaurant is deeply rooted in the local community and actively participates in various charitable initiatives and events. From partnering with local organizations to hosting fundraisers, the restaurant seeks to give back to the community that has supported it throughout the years. By fostering strong community relationships, Jade Restaurant continues to make a positive impact beyond its dining establishment.

Green Certifications and Awards

In recognition of its commitment to sustainability, Jade Restaurant has earned green certifications and received awards for its environmentally friendly practices. These certifications and awards serve as a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to operating in an eco-conscious manner and reflect its ongoing efforts to set an example for the industry.

Events and Special Occasions

Birthday Parties

Jade Restaurant offers the perfect setting for birthday parties, whether it’s a small gathering or a larger celebration. With private dining options and a customizable menu, the restaurant can accommodate groups of various sizes and cater to specific dietary preferences and requirements. Whether it’s a casual birthday lunch or an elegant dinner affair, Jade Restaurant ensures a memorable experience for the birthday celebrant and their guests.


Celebrate your anniversary in style at Jade Restaurant. The elegant ambiance, exceptional cuisine, and attentive service create the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. The restaurant’s staff will go the extra mile to ensure your anniversary celebration is truly special, creating an unforgettable experience that you and your loved one will cherish for years to come.

Weddings and Receptions

Jade Restaurant is a popular choice for hosting weddings and wedding receptions. The restaurant’s dedicated wedding team works closely with couples to create a customized menu that reflects their unique tastes and preferences. From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, Jade Restaurant provides a stunning venue, delicious cuisine, and impeccable service, ensuring that your special day is everything you envision.

Corporate Events

For businesses in need of an exceptional venue for corporate events, Jade Restaurant offers a range of options to suit any occasion. Whether it’s a board meeting, a team-building event, or a corporate dinner, the restaurant’s private dining spaces and professional staff ensure a seamless experience. With customizable menus and attention to detail, Jade Restaurant creates an environment conducive to productivity and success.

Holiday Celebrations

Jade Restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate the holidays with friends, family, or colleagues. From festive decorations to holiday-inspired menus, the restaurant creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that captures the spirit of the season. Whether it’s a Christmas party, a New Year’s Eve celebration, or a gathering to ring in the Lunar New Year, Jade Restaurant provides a memorable backdrop for holiday festivities.

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