Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska

Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska

The Hampton Inn Anchorage, Alaska is one of the most sought-after hotels in the area. If you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient stay, this is the place for you. Offering modern amenities, spacious rooms, and exceptional customer service, the Hampton Inn Anchorage, Alaska ensures a memorable experience for all guests. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, this hotel provides a perfect base for exploring stunning landscapes, engaging in outdoor activities, or experiencing the vibrant local culture. With its prime location and top-notch facilities, the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska is a destination that guarantees a truly unforgettable stay.



Scenic surroundings

Welcome to the beautiful city of Anchorage, Alaska, where the Hampton Inn stands amidst breathtaking scenic surroundings. Nestled against the backdrop of the majestic Chugach Mountains, this hotel offers stunning views of the natural beauty that Alaska is famous for. The scenic surroundings provide guests with a tranquil and picturesque environment to relax and unwind during their stay.

Proximity to attractions

The Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska enjoys a prime location that offers guests easy access to a variety of attractions. Situated just minutes away from downtown Anchorage, guests can effortlessly explore the vibrant city and its many cultural offerings. Additionally, this hotel is conveniently located near popular tourist destinations such as the Anchorage Museum and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Whether you are interested in arts and heritage or want to experience Alaska’s wildlife up close, you’ll find that this hotel’s proximity to attractions makes it an ideal choice for your stay in Anchorage.

Easy access to transportation

One of the key advantages of staying at the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska is the easy access to transportation options. Located just a short drive from the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, this hotel provides guests with a hassle-free arrival and departure experience. Additionally, the hotel offers free parking for guests, making it convenient for those who wish to explore the surrounding areas by car. Furthermore, the hotel’s close proximity to major highways ensures that guests have easy access to public transportation, allowing them to explore Anchorage and its surrounding areas with ease.


Comfortable rooms

At the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska, comfort is of utmost importance. The hotel offers well-appointed and spacious rooms that are designed with your comfort in mind. Each room is furnished with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Guests can indulge in plush bedding, cozy seating areas, and ample workspace. The thoughtfully designed rooms are meticulously cleaned and maintained, providing guests with a comfortable retreat after a day of adventure or business in Anchorage.

Variety of room types

The hotel offers a variety of room types to cater to the diverse needs of its guests. Whether you are traveling solo, with a partner, or as a family, you’ll find the perfect accommodation option at the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska. The hotel features standard rooms, king rooms, and suites, all of which are tastefully decorated and equipped with modern amenities. The variety of room types ensures that guests can select the option that best suits their preferences and requirements, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable stay.

Amenities and services

The Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska boasts a range of amenities and services to enhance your stay. Guests can start their day with a delicious complimentary breakfast, featuring a variety of hot and cold options. In addition to the on-site dining options, the hotel provides guests with local dining recommendations, allowing them to explore the vibrant culinary scene of Anchorage. The hotel also offers a fitness center, indoor pool, and business center, ensuring that guests can maintain their routines and stay productive while away from home. Additionally, the hotel features meeting rooms, making it an ideal choice for business travelers who require a professional and well-equipped space for conferences or events.


Complimentary breakfast

Start your day off right with the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska’s complimentary breakfast. Whether you prefer a hearty hot breakfast or a lighter option, you’ll find a variety of choices to suit your taste. Indulge in freshly brewed coffee, a selection of pastries, and a range of hot and cold items to energize you for the day ahead. The complimentary breakfast ensures that guests can kick-start their mornings without having to worry about finding a place to eat before exploring Anchorage or attending business meetings.

On-site restaurant options

In addition to the complimentary breakfast, the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska also offers on-site restaurant options for guests to enjoy. The hotel’s on-site restaurant provides a convenient and delicious dining experience, allowing guests to savor a variety of culinary delights without having to leave the premises. Whether you are craving a juicy steak, fresh seafood, or a comforting pasta dish, the restaurant caters to a range of palates and preferences. The on-site restaurant ensures that guests can indulge in a delectable meal in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Local dining recommendations

For those who wish to explore the diverse culinary scene of Anchorage, the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska provides guests with local dining recommendations. Anchorage boasts a wide array of restaurants, ranging from seafood shacks to fine dining establishments. Whether you are in the mood for delicious Alaskan seafood, international flavors, or traditional American cuisine, the hotel’s knowledgeable staff can provide you with recommendations tailored to your preferences. These local dining recommendations allow guests to immerse themselves in the local food culture and experience the flavors that make Anchorage a culinary destination.


Fitness center

Maintain your fitness routine during your stay at the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska with the hotel’s well-equipped fitness center. The fitness center offers a range of exercise equipment, including cardio machines and free weights, to ensure that guests can stay active and energized throughout their stay. Whether you prefer to lift weights, jog on the treadmill, or engage in a high-intensity workout, the fitness center provides the necessary resources to meet your fitness needs.

Indoor pool

After a day of exploring Anchorage or attending business meetings, take a refreshing dip in the hotel’s indoor pool. The indoor pool offers a relaxing oasis where guests can unwind and rejuvenate. Whether you prefer to swim a few laps or simply float leisurely, the pool provides a tranquil space to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The temperature-controlled pool ensures that guests can enjoy a swim year-round, regardless of the weather outside.

Business center

For business travelers, the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska offers a well-equipped business center. The business center provides guests with access to computers, printers, and other necessary office equipment, allowing them to stay connected and productive during their stay. Whether you need to catch up on work emails, print important documents, or hold video conferences, the business center ensures that you have the resources you need to conduct business seamlessly while away from your office.

Meeting rooms

The hotel features meeting rooms that are perfect for business conferences, seminars, and other professional events. The meeting rooms are equipped with modern audiovisual technology and can be configured to accommodate different seating arrangements and event sizes. The professional and attentive staff at the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska will work closely with you to ensure that your event is a success. The convenient location, well-equipped meeting rooms, and attentive service make this hotel an ideal choice for business travelers.


24-hour front desk

The Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska offers a 24-hour front desk service to provide guests with convenient and reliable assistance throughout their stay. The dedicated front desk staff are available around the clock to assist guests with check-in, check-out, and any other inquiries or requests they may have. Whether you need recommendations for local attractions and dining options, assistance with arranging transportation, or help with any other aspect of your stay, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at the front desk are there to ensure that your needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Concierge service

For guests who require additional assistance in planning their itinerary or making reservations, the hotel offers a concierge service. The concierge service provides personalized recommendations and assistance, ensuring that guests can make the most of their time in Anchorage. Whether you need help booking tickets for a sightseeing tour or arranging transportation to a nearby attraction, the concierge service is dedicated to ensuring that your stay in Anchorage is seamless and memorable.

Laundry facilities

Extended stays can often warrant the need for laundry facilities, and the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska has you covered. The hotel offers laundry facilities, allowing guests to conveniently clean and refresh their clothing during their stay. The self-service laundry facilities provide a convenient option for guests to take care of their laundry needs without having to seek external services. Stay fresh and clean throughout your stay with the hotel’s laundry facilities.

Free parking

The Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska understands the importance of hassle-free parking, and therefore offers free parking to its guests. Whether you are exploring Anchorage by car or have rented a vehicle to venture further into Alaska, the free parking ensures that you have a convenient and secure place to park. Say goodbye to the stress of finding parking spaces and enjoy the ease and convenience of complimentary parking at this hotel.


Accessible rooms and facilities

The Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska is committed to providing accessible and inclusive accommodations for all guests. The hotel offers accessible rooms and facilities to ensure that guests with disabilities or mobility challenges can enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay. The accessible rooms are equipped with features such as wider doorways, grab bars, and roll-in showers to accommodate guests with special needs. Additionally, the hotel’s public areas and facilities are designed to be accessible, ensuring that all guests can move around the premises easily and comfortably.

Ramp access

To further enhance accessibility, the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska provides ramp access to its premises. The ramp access ensures that guests with mobility challenges or those using mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers can easily and safely enter and exit the hotel. This feature eliminates the barriers that some guests may face when accessing the hotel, allowing for a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

Wheelchair-friendly spaces

The hotel’s commitment to accessibility extends to providing wheelchair-friendly spaces throughout its premises. From the lobby to the guest rooms and common areas, the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska ensures that wheelchair users can navigate the hotel comfortably. Well-designed and spacious areas allow guests to move freely and conveniently, ensuring that their stay is enjoyable and stress-free.

Attractions Nearby

Anchorage Museum

Located just a short distance away from the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska is the renowned Anchorage Museum. This world-class museum showcases the rich cultural heritage and natural history of Alaska and the Arctic. With fascinating exhibits that explore topics such as indigenous art, Alaska’s wildlife, and the state’s history, the Anchorage Museum offers a captivating insight into the region’s past and present. Whether you are a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply curious about Alaska’s unique heritage, a visit to the Anchorage Museum is a must during your stay in Anchorage.

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

For outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is a must-visit attraction. Stretching over 11 miles along the scenic coast of Anchorage, this trail offers breathtaking views of the rugged coastline, snow-capped mountains, and abundant wildlife. Whether you choose to explore the trail by foot, bike, or rollerblade, you’ll be treated to stunning panoramic views of the surrounding natural beauty. With multiple access points near the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska, the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail provides guests with an opportunity to immerse themselves in Alaska’s awe-inspiring landscapes.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Located a short drive from the hotel, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a must-visit attraction for animal enthusiasts. The center is committed to the preservation and rehabilitation of Alaska’s wildlife, providing a safe haven for injured or orphaned animals. Visitors can observe a variety of native Alaskan species, including bears, moose, wolves, and eagles, in their natural habitats. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center offers guests a unique opportunity to learn about these incredible animals and their role in Alaska’s ecosystem. A visit to this conservation center is both educational and memorable, making it a must-see attraction during your stay in Anchorage.

Outdoor Activities

Hiking and biking trails

Alaska is renowned for its spectacular hiking and biking trails, and the Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska places you in close proximity to these outdoor adventures. Immerse yourself in nature as you explore the countless trails that wind through Alaska’s pristine wilderness. From scenic nature walks to challenging mountain hikes, there is a trail suitable for all fitness levels and preferences. Biking enthusiasts can also enjoy the stunning landscapes of Anchorage and its surroundings on two wheels. The hotel’s convenient location ensures easy access to these trails, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Alaska.

Fishing trips

Alaska is a dream destination for avid fishermen, offering some of the best fishing opportunities in the world. From freshwater rivers and lakes to saltwater fishing in the deep sea, there are endless possibilities for anglers to cast their lines and reel in their catch of the day. The Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska can assist guests in arranging fishing trips, whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to try your hand at fishing. Experience the thrill of hooking a salmon or halibut and create lasting memories on a fishing trip in the bountiful waters of Alaska.

Sightseeing tours

For those who want to make the most of their time in Anchorage and its surrounding areas, sightseeing tours are a fantastic option. Whether you prefer guided tours or exploring independently, there are a variety of tours available that cater to different interests and preferences. From wildlife tours that take you up close to Alaska’s iconic animals to scenic helicopter tours that offer breathtaking aerial views, there is a tour for everyone. The Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska can provide recommendations and assistance in booking sightseeing tours, ensuring that you don’t miss out on the unique experiences that Alaska has to offer.

Seasonal Events

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is a world-famous event that showcases the true spirit and heritage of Alaska. Held every March, this iconic race covers over 1,000 miles of Alaskan terrain, from Anchorage to Nome. Mushers and their teams of sled dogs battle the elements and face various challenges as they race across the frozen landscape. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is a celebration of Alaska’s history, culture, and the indomitable spirit of its people. If you happen to be in Anchorage during this time, make sure to witness this exhilarating event and experience the thrill of the race.

Fur Rendezvous Winter Festival

The Fur Rendezvous Winter Festival is a cherished Anchorage tradition that takes place in late February or early March. This multi-day festival celebrates the winter season with a variety of fun and exciting activities for visitors of all ages. From snow sculpting competitions and dog sledding races to carnival rides and live music performances, the Fur Rendezvous Winter Festival offers something for everyone. This family-friendly event allows guests to experience the true essence of Alaska’s winter wonderland and join in the festivities that make Anchorage a vibrant and lively city even during the coldest months of the year.

Anchorage Summer Solstice Festival

As the days grow longer and the sun shines brighter, Anchorage comes alive with the Anchorage Summer Solstice Festival. Celebrated around the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year, this festival marks the arrival of summer and the vibrant energy that accompanies this season. The festival features live music performances, food vendors, art exhibits, and a range of activities that celebrate the spirit of summer in Alaska. Join the locals and visitors as they come together to savor the warmth and joy of summer during this festive event.

Travel Tips

Packing essentials for Alaska

When visiting Alaska, it is important to pack accordingly to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Some essential items to consider including in your packing list are warm clothing layers, waterproof outerwear, sturdy footwear, hats, gloves, and sunscreen. Alaska’s weather can be unpredictable, so it is advisable to pack clothing that can be layered to accommodate varying temperatures. Additionally, packing bug repellent and bear spray can be useful if you plan on exploring the wilderness. Don’t forget to pack your camera and binoculars to capture the stunning landscapes and wildlife that you’ll encounter during your time in Alaska.

Weather considerations

Alaska’s weather can vary greatly depending on the season and location, so it is important to consider the weather conditions when planning your trip. Summers in Anchorage are generally mild, with temperatures ranging from the 50s to the 70s Fahrenheit (10 to 20 degrees Celsius). However, the weather can change quickly, so be prepared for cooler temperatures and rain showers. Winters in Anchorage are cold, with temperatures often dropping well below freezing. It is advisable to pack warm winter clothing, including insulated jackets, hats, and gloves, to stay comfortable during your winter visit to Alaska.

Local transportation options

When it comes to getting around Anchorage, there are several transportation options available. The city features an extensive bus system that provides convenient and affordable transportation to various neighborhoods and attractions. Taxis and rideshare services are also readily available for those who prefer private transportation. If you plan on exploring areas outside of Anchorage, renting a car can offer greater flexibility and independence. The Hampton Inn Anchorage Alaska offers free parking, making it convenient for guests who choose to rent a car. Additionally, Anchorage features a network of bike paths, allowing visitors to explore the city on two wheels while enjoying the scenic surroundings.

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